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Electrical Equipment Reconditioning

We offer reconditioning services for the industrial electrical products you already own! We can completely recondition your products and have them back to you with minimal lead time, ensuring their operational capabilities and extending the life of the equipment for years to come! We will work with you to recondition your equipment and have it back to you in time to meet critical shutdown windows and scheduled maintenance times. No job is too big or too small. We can recondition individual pieces of equipment such as a panelboard switch, to an entire run of busway and bus plugs. With our highly skilled technicians and state of the art reconditioning facility, we are the best in the industry!

Control Panel Building

We can build standard and custom control panels to fit your needs. We offer control panels built with either Nema or IEC components.

  • - Combination starters
  • - Variable frequency drive control cabinets
  • - Soft starter control cabinets
  • - Nema & IEC starter control units (fused and breaker type)
  • - Pump control units.
  • - Engineered motor and machine controls

Rent Electrical Equipment

We are an industry leader in renting power distribution and motor control parts to the industrial sector. Our skilled team specializes in being able to provide quick and custom solutions for your business. Our equipment rental division and state of the art facility allow us to provide you with the equipment you need and help you "elminate downtime in no time!"

Reasons for Renting
  • - Short-term or temporary need
  • - Future power needs uncertain
  • - Portable solution
  • - Preserve capital
  • - Assets-to-liabilities ratio
  • - Reduce operating expenses
  • - Third party maintenance and support

Emergency Replacement Services

If your manufacturing facility is down, or you have damaged equipment and you need a part FAST! we offer emergency services for just such an occasion. We can work with you to provide a solution the moment you contact us. Since we also specialize in obsolete industrial electrical and electronic machine control products we can have you back in operation before you know it.