ITE Gould 5600 Motor Control Centers And ITE Gould 5600 MCC Buckets

ITE Gould 5600 Motor Control Centers And ITE Gould 5600 MCC Buckets

Call for Pricing: 888-459-5191, or Request A Quote below. We carry all types of 5600 series MCC buckets, replacement components and parts.

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Product Description

The 5600 models of ITE motor control centers and MCC buckets are increasingly obsolete. Select Equipment Co. is proud to say we stock, support, retrofit, and repair all ITE Gould 5600 series MCC structures and MCC buckets. Our vast motor control center inventory and expertise allows us to service and support ITE 5600 Series MCC's. We can also retrofit any ITE 5600 series MCC bucket from our inventory or your existing 5600 MCC with new technology to meet the demands of a modern facility. Retrofitting MCC parts includes: automation and industrial networking devices, reduced voltage starters, VFD's, monitoring and metering equipment, custom engineered controls, and multi-speed motor starters. 

Due to the numerous design flaws and the overall unreliability of the original Gould and Telemecanique MCP circuit breaker combination motor starters installed in many of the ITE GOULD 5600 series MCC buckets, it is recommended that customers option to retrofit these units whenever possible. MCP starters such as the A803F have high failure rates even when serviced properly. Because of this problem, Select Equipment Co. has made it a priority to supply our customers with properly retrofitted MCC buckets for the Gould ITE 5600 Series MCC that removes the original MCP starter. Contact us today for more Gould motor control center options.

 Retrofits for the ITE Gould 5600 Series Motor Control Center Can Include: 

- Feeder circuit breakers

- Starters (FVR/FVNR)

- Variable frequency drives

- Custom engineered units

- Main and tie circuit breakers

- Soft starters

- Vacuum contactors and starters