Westinghouse Type W MCC Bucket, Nema size 5 A200M5CXX21 FVNR Starter

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Westinghouse Type W SZ.5 B 250A HMCP A200M5CXX21
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Product Description

Westinghouse Type W MCC Bucket, Nema size 5 full voltage non-reversing motor starter unit, A 200 Series Nema size 5 A200M5CXX21 motor starter with thermal overload relay (FH26 heater elements installed), 250 amp HMCP magnetic only circuit breaker with magnetic adjustment: 1250A-2500A, 400 amp stab assembly with hard-bus connection to the circuit breaker, Red "Run" pilot light, elapsed time meter, Hand-Off-Auto control, Start/Stop function, 480/120v control power transformer. 

Installed Components: 

> 400 amp primary stab assembly

> HMCP250W5C Mag Only HMCP circuit breaker

> A200M5CXX21 Nema Size 5 motor starter with thermal overload, 440/480V coil

> (3) FH26 heater elements


> Red "Run" pilot light

> Elapsed time meter

> Start pushbutton

> Stop pushbutton

> (1) Westinghouse industrial control relay

> 120V factory control wiring harness