NX361000 - Square D I-Line Circuit Breaker

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NX361000 (R)
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Product Description

NX361000, Square D, I-Line, type NX, 3Pole, 3Phase , 1000A, 600V, 100kA@480V, i-line style plug-in, complete with standard function Square D Micrologic non-interchangeable trip unit, LSI - Long-Time, Short-Time and Instantaneous trip functions, ARP083 installed rating plug, solid state electronic trip, Molded case I-line style circuit breaker, for use in Square D I-line circuit breaker panels.


 Part Number       NX361000
 Manufacturers     Square D
 Sub-Category      Molded Case
 Family   I-Line
 Type   NX
 Phase   3
 Poles   3
 Voltage   600
 Amperage   1000
 Connection   I-Line Style Plug-In
 Protection   Solid State
 Functions   LSI - Long-Time, Short-Time and Instantaneous
 AIC Rating   100kA@480V
 Frame Size   NX Frame
Re-Certified: PEARL Inspect & Test, 2-year warranty, electrical test reports
Trip Unit Replacement Option AC Pro 2 Retrofit option available