Scholarship Program - Win a $500 Scholarship!

If you’re a high school student or individual looking to advance your career through a college education, we invite you to participate in’s 2017 essay contest to win a $500 scholarship!

Students who plan on pursuing and education in science, tech, engineering or math (STEM) are invited to take part. Here is some info about this year’s contest…

2017 Topic: “Inspiring Men & Women of Science and Technology” -- We’re asking this year’s participants to research and select a notable man or woman of history who inspired them through innovation, science, engineering or technology.

Blueprint: Please cover (at minimum) the following items in your essay: 1) Introduce the person and their notable achievement(s), 2) Share how their achievement impacted their field or society as a whole, 3) Let us know what lessons you can take away from this person and apply to your field of study or career in general.


  1. You are nominated (entered) when you submit your essay

  2. All essays must be between 750-1500 words

  3. All essays must be submitted by June 1st, 2017 at 11pm Eastern Standard Time


Please submit essays to as attached Word documents