5AC04K ~ Square D Omegapak Class 8804 Adjustable Frequency Controller, 20HP

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5AC04k (R)
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Product Description

5AC04K , Square D OmegaPak Class 8804 Adjustable Variable Frequency Motor Controller, 20HP, 460V

Class: 8804

Type: 5AC04K

MOD: C07H10F16R16P16H16D08

This 5A04K Square D Omegapak Adjustable Frequency Controller is shown in as-is condition. The price listed for this Square D VFDS reflects a complete "Class A Reconditioning" of the drive with full testing reports and an added 1-year warranty.


Select Equipment Co. can also provide a complete new ABB retrofit drive that replaces the obsolete Square D Omegapak Variable Frequency Motor Controller. Call 888-459-5191 to speak to a sales engineer about this option.

Square D Omegapak Retrofit

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